Now into our second week of the new year, many individuals are looking for ways to make positive changes in their lives. One movement that has gained significant momentum in recent years is Veganuary- a global campaign encouraging people to embrace a plant-based lifestyle for the month of January. 

Veganuary was established in 2014 with the purpose of getting participants to try a vegan lifestyle for one month and experience the benefits of it. Some benefits include; Improved digestion and weight management, Reduced carbon footprint, Conservation of resources, and of course increased animal welfare.

It's a lot easier to be vegan nowadays with so many plant-based alternatives to meat, dairy and other animal products, things like seeds and pulses are an excellent way to fulfill your daily nutrient needs!

For example, Walnuts are an excellent source of not only protein and fibre, but are also good for omega-3 fatty acids which helps to reduce the risk of heart disease. 

Chickpeas and Lentils are commonly used as an alternative to meat products across the middle east and south asia due to protein content as well as being high in zinc and magnesium which is important for a healthy immune system.

Seeds like Millet, Sunflower and Pumpkin all have amazing nutritional qualities about them from extra Vitamin C, antioxidants other compounds that not only improve physical health but mental wellbeing.

We offer all of these products plus more in 1kg and 3kg bags, why not try adding some seeds to your breakfast or create a protein rich dinner with our nuts or pulses!

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