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Figs - Chopped 3kg

Figs - Chopped 3kg

These dried figs are a great source of fibre and full of vitamins and minerals, dried figs have a long and illustrious history. Known for being a healthy and versatile ingredient they can add a burst of sweetness to all kinds of dishes.  

They have a unique sweet taste soft and chewy texture are littered with slightly crunchy edible seeds. Dried figs are high in natural sugars, minerals and soluble fibre. They are rich in minerals including potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and copper and are a good source of antioxidant vitamins A, E and K that contribute to health and wellness. 

Dried figs are often recommended to nourish and tone the intestines and act as a natural laxative because of their high fibre content. Naturally high in dietary fibre, dried figs can be a useful food to include in the diet for those watching their weight. 

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