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Raw Chip coconut

Raw Chip coconut

Pure Coconut Flavor: Raw Chip Sensation

Indulge in the natural taste of the tropics with our raw chip coconut! These chips are made from fresh coconut flesh, sliced into thin, bite-sized pieces and dried at low temperatures to preserve their subtle sweetness, delicate coconut aroma, and nutrient content.

A taste of paradise:

  • Unprocessed and Unsweetened: Experience the pure, unadulterated flavor of coconut with no added sugars or preservatives.
  • Rich in Texture: Raw chips offer a delightful textural contrast, with a satisfying chew and a hint of natural creaminess.
  • Versatile Ingredient: Enjoy them straight from the bag for a healthy snack, or use them to elevate your favorite dishes. Sprinkle them on top of yogurt bowls, oatmeal, or smoothies for a delightful tropical twist. Add them to baked goods for a delightful coconut crunch, or incorporate them into homemade granola bars and trail mix for a burst of flavor and energy.

Naturally Nutritious:

  • Raw and Vegan: Perfect for those following a raw or vegan diet.
  • Packed with Fiber: A good source of dietary fiber to keep you feeling fuller for longer.
  • Healthy Fats: Contains medium-chain triglycerides, a type of fat that may offer health benefits.

A touch of the tropics, naturally delicious!

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